The Real Estate Livecast

Live and on demand video are the newest and largest growth areas in marketing.


Serve and attract business and community by creating a "show". The newest visual marketing medium specifically designed for your market, area and niche. Create authority and position by serving needs and becoming the genuine advocate of your topic or area.


Create your own platform or be a part of our channel. To find out more, register and get our lessons on how to brand and use video to get create new business and make your marketing more effective!

BE PART OF OUR CHANNEL. The Real Estate Livecast is a channel designed to serve both local professionals, their customers, clients and their communities. We are looking for experts.

Expert Interviews (watch brief video for introduction)

We are looking for experienced professionals. Share your knowledge about your area or niche. It can be specialities or services that include but not limited to listing agent, buyers agent, new construction, seniors/special needs and any other areas of service and provide a value to a targeted market segment.

We also are looking for people with real estate stories. Stories about real properties, areas and communities.

What You Get

1. Training from Experts!

Get hands on training to become a better marketer!

2. Get in front of your prospects!

Learn how to serve and attract those in your community and market.

3. Network with Others Like You!

Learn how to form collaborative relationships with other people in your sphere.


Area Interviews

Interview important people in your area. Talk to the people who make your area unique

The Real Estate Channel

Be the voice of your community. Let them know the market trends, recent activity and your viewpoint

Expert Interviews

You need to communcate to your audience. Demonstrate your expertise in a short video

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